Character Creation

Note: I heartily recommend Wizards of the Coast’s Character Builder tool, as it consolidates the numerous character resources available to you as a player.

Starting Level: 1

Starting Attributes: use the 22 point buy system described in the 4e PHB 1.

Races: see the Races page for selection.

Classes: Any, including debut and playtest classes from D&D Insider.

Backgrounds: Any one background from the PHB, PHB 2, Scales of War, or the setting-specific ones listed on the Backgrounds page.

Alignment: Alignments will not play a role in this game, as I like to see more complex character motivations than “my character did x because they’re Chaotic Neutral.” As long as your character can work within a group, and provide a rationale for your actions, you’re okay by me. Antagonistic sociopathic loners need not apply. Personable, adroitly-manipulative sociopaths would be completely acceptable, on the other hand ;-) This applies for your choices in deities as well.

Starting Gold: 100 gp for equipment.

House Rules:
  • Expertise Feats: Instead of taking the Implement, Weapon or Focused Expertise feats, your character will be given a flat +1 to attack per tier (Heroic / Paragon / Epic). Pick something more flavorful ;-)
  • Exploding d6 Skill Checks: Instead of rolling d20s for skill checks, we’ll be using the “exploding d6” method, which works as follows: for and untrained skill, roll 3 d6s and add your skill modifier, for trained skills, roll 4, for skill-focuses, roll 5.
  • Combat Stunting: Each combat, you can expend a healing surge and an action point (assuming you have one) to “stunt” – to use a power or skill in an unexpected or spectacular way. This is hopefully to encourage you to think outside the box and not feel locked in to only doing exactly what’s on your sheet.
  • Reflavoring: I’m completely open to reflavoring classes, features, and powers while maintaining their mechanical operations – if you don’t like the flavor of something, feel free to describe it differently. If you’d like help we can brainstorm on it together.
  • Retraining: Each time your character levels up, you can retrain any powers or feats that you like, though if it’s something more major, like a class feature, I’d like to talk it over with you first. If you find that you’re not having any fun with your character because of how you designed it, talk to me and we’ll work something out that fits in-character as well.

Character Creation

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